Inflatable water walking ball

Did you ever wonder how would it be if you could walk on water? Well, now you have the chance to find out! One of the most popular “toys” today is the inflatable water walking ball. It is a lot of fun for grown-ups and children and it comes in different sizes and colors.

  • The ball is made of a transparent material that is water resistant and very sturdy. You may feel it is risky to let your kids play in the pool with this, but it’s almost impossible for the ball to be damaged. You can also see what they are doing at all times.
  • If you’d rather not go to the gym, but still want to exercise, then this can be a great workout. Get inside this ball for 30 minutes and you will not believe how much energy you have used. It can be tricky to maintain your balance on water, especially if there are other people trying to bring you down. If you use it on a lake, you will discover that the wind is your biggest enemy and you will have to work hard to stay upright.
  • You can breathe in it without any problem. It sounds strange, but many people are worried that they will not have enough oxygen inside since there doesn’t appear to be ways for oxygen to enter. The ball has some special holes that allow the oxygen to enter but not the water. This means that there is no danger of sinking no matter what you do.
  • There are “water walking” competitions. Just imagine a group of people in transparent balls walking on water. This is as fun as it gets!

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