Kaanapali Beach Hotel wins 2 awards for cuisine

Kaanapali Beach Hotel received two awards for its cuisine at the recent The Maui News annual ‘Best of Maui’ Awards! This is a prestigious recognition for this Hawaiian hotel.


One of the awards for cuisine went for this hotel’s Sunday Champagne Brunch. The chef also won the award for ‘Best Chef’ which is well deserved considering the brunch won the prestigious award for best cuisine. The brunch consisted of tropical fruit, waffles, crab legs, and Hawaiian specialties among many other exciting choices. The Sunday Champagne Brunch is served from 9am to 1 p.m.


An honorary mention went to the hotel’s Tiki Terrace in the ‘Best Resort Restaurant’ category. The terrace also features omelettes and carving stations. There is also a mouth-watering dessert table with a large spread of confections.


The Maui News Awards is special. The awards are not decided by a board of members; they are voted on by the people, more like a people's choice awards. The awards began in 1992 to guide tourists and locals to the best places to dine, attend cultural festivals, lodgings with the best discounts and everything in between.


Both tourists and residents participated and voted for the best food choices across 50 categories. The voting is done both by paper ballots and electronic voting systems. 


The awards received by the Kaanapali Beach Hotel are therefore special and is a remarkable feat and achievement in the hotel’s history. The owners and employees are both proud and humble to be mentioned with other remarkable chefs and restaurants. This isn't their first mention or awards, but the hotel has been winning awards through many years.


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