Sports Fishing in Iceland

Sports fishing is one of the outdoor fun activities that you can enjoy in Iceland. There is no shortage of sites that you can visit in this great country to enjoy catching some of the rarest and largest fish species in the world. Here is a breakdown of the fishing months and some of the species that you are mostly likely to catch.

April Fishing

This is the ideal time to go sea trout fishing especially at the start of the month. To get the best fishing experience, it is recommendable to get permits and book your space in advance to avert last minute rush.

May Fishing

This is the best time to go fishing for trout in the lakes and rivers in Iceland. It is important to note that Iceland does not have Mayflies in high quantity and the few that are available do not often hatch in May. Nonetheless, Chironomids and Caddis hatch in May, therefore, fishing for char and resident trout during this month will leave you with fishing memories that you will cherish forever.

August Fishing

This is the prime time for salmon especially at the beginning of the month. This is based on the fact that this is the time when daddy long legs start to hatch. If you are lucky, you will get a rare opportunity to see them been blown on to the water in thousands. It also important to note that the rate at which midges and caddis hatch has relatively slowly down and this makes it harder to catch the sea trout, which have mastered the art of evading traps. The sea char on the other hand enter the fresh water rivers. This is why most tourists who go fishing during this month prefer doing so in the lakes.

Other months of the years that are ideal for sports fishing include September, October, July, and June. To get the best experience, it is recommended to hire a professional guide, especially if this is your first time to fish in Iceland to avoid getting lost.


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