No big Task to Lose Weight

It is utmost importance to us that if we are planning to lose weight we eat even less than our body’s requirement. Only then our body would use the fats from the store house and we will be able to lose weight. Normally, a man needs around 2,500Kcal a day to maintain his weight. For a woman, that figure is around 2,000Kcal a day. However, there are factors like the following that affect our calorie intake.

• Age of person, for example, growing children and teenagers need more energy, so they have to eat less to lose more weight

• Lifestyle of person, for example, active person need more energy, so it preferable to eat less and spend more

• Size of person, for example, our height and weight can affect how quickly we use energy. In that case, if a person eat less than required, the body will ask for more and it dissolves the fat • Condition of person, for example, pregnant women and lactating mother need more energy

If you have a sedentary lifestyle, that is, if you don’t do much of physical work then you sure need to eat less of calories and in case you are overweight and planning to lose weight you will have to eat lesser calories than the requirement of your body only then will your body use the store house as a result you will become lean and this will be the most natural weight loss. Let’s see the next devil behind the weight loss.


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