Common Daily Habits Behind Hidden Weight Gain!

If your diet and exercise programs have been not yielding the accurate results, it’s time for a quick test of lifestyle habits. Check some of the most ordinary habits that hinder your weight loss efforts, because maybe you are just ignoring them. 

Inadequate hydration
Water is essential to weight loss and helps in flushing toxins out of the body. Relying on other drink for hydration isn’t enough when you are trying to shed pounds. Keep in mind that water aids the digestion process, so you need at least six to eight glasses of water every day to maintain the metabolism rate. 

Eating the wrong way
How big is your food plate? People who eat on bigger plates tend to eat more calories than those who eat in smaller plates. Also, it is wise to check the size of your bites while having food. Having smaller bites means lesser calories and the more you chew, better is the digestion process. 

Sleep disorders
Adults should get at least six to seven hours of daily sleep. If you are sleeping and resting for less than five hours, it is likely that the habit is contributing to weight gain. You may not know that our body burns fat even when we are sleeping!

Eating out frequently
No matter how healthy food choices you make, eating out can be damaging in many ways. Even small portions of mayonnaise mixed pastas and salads can have huge number of calories. Avoid dining out as much as you can, and if there is no alternate choice, it’s a good idea to stick to salads and fresh foods. 
Start changing these habits today, and your weight loss efforts will be rewarded better than ever!


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